Smash Your 2017 Goals

Sofa Sessions bounced into 2017 with an aptly titled session; Smash Your 2017 Goals.

We believe that without a clear big picture vision (no matter how far off that is) and then some realistic approaches to the short term steps then you are going to struggle and loose motivation.  New Year Resolutions, we all make them, or consider them. I made some a few years back in Brazil – they were on an epic scale, overwhelmed I didn’t reach them and then felt like I was failing at this thing called life. Hum. Over reaction alert; however, its worth just checking in with yourself because if you aren’t emotionally and inspirationally connected with your goals you’ll loose interest. Ideally you look at (figuratively or literally via a vision board) your dream life/creative business vision every day. You reinforce that vision, you see it, feel it, and believe it.

Hurdles do come and there are so many things that hold you back or divert your attention. We talked about everything from lack of mental and physical conditioning, fears (of success or failure), pride, lack of support in your community/family etc. There are hundreds and thousands of blockers and equally on the flip side things you can do to counteract that.  From taking action every day/week, by being present, single minded, persistent and having a sense of humour, you can do this! I believe you can, do you?

We shared some of our tools for planning goals to smash – from getting unstuck in 5 minutes, to using SMARTIE goals (not the sweets but SMART goals with additional Inspirational and Emotional elements).  Great discussion about daily disciplines ensued. Planning your week and then starting each day right is definitely a key to maintaining action in relation to your goals. We use Miracle Morning, and get up an hour earlier to start our morning routine. Prayer, meditation, a physical discipline, affirmations all help – know yourself and then do you.

Of course you have to stick to your goals because without consistent action its unlikely that you will get the results you want. Maintain balance in your life, stay in the present and stay connected to your vision.

Big up to the seven artists who shared goals, blocks and solutions. 2017 is looking fresh.

Key take aways:

  • Ensure your vision is compelling – each milestone takes you a step closer to the big vision and it needs to excite and inspire you;
  • Take action – you can’t build your reputation on what you’re going to do (Henry Ford);
  • Your results are created by your actions;
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable – change can be difficult because you are pushing outside your comfort zone;
  • Accountability is key – its about ownership, not answering to someone but owning your actions and your results

So, start today. Make a commitment to be great every day and things will start to change forever.

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