Scanner’s Inc’s 2016 best bits!

We always start the year with a look over our shoulder at the year that has just come to a close. 2016 was a tough one for most people, a year with big challenges and hardship. For Scanner’s Inc it was a year of breakthroughs and challenge. We had highlights and in those moments solidified the mission that we were founded to realise.

1000 Pieces Puzzle
Dance artist Cindy Claes created an incredible opportunity for hip hop, dance hall and afro beats dancers when she created 1000 Pieces Puzzle. It’s a cultural exchange that provides dancers with an opportunity to collaborate and share in both Belgium and London. I was invited to teach on the programme in 2016, sharing Sofa Sessions as a tool for learning, sharing and skill development.

Super excited that its back for 2017 with special guests from Jamaica and LA – to say she is expanding is an understatement. Get set for incredible dance theatre work made by these artists as part of the collaboration at Rich Mix on 5 March.

Tia Hassan and I became Creative Directors of MOVE IT in 2015 year, just in time to collaborate with the Upper Street team to produce the eleventh MOVE IT show. It was our first at Excel, London which is the fantastic new home of the show.

Check out our 2016 highlights and you can only imagine what’s in store for 2017

This year we have been joined by the talented producer Emma Abbey. Dream team and we are delighted to be back at Excel with a whole host of new features for MOVE IT 2017 on 10-12 March.

Dance of the Robot
The Victoria & Albert Museum is one of London’s most treasured venues, one of the world’s leading museums of art and design. In 2016 they housed an Engineering Season celebrating the ‘unsung heroes’ of design.

Scanner’s Inc was invited to create a performance workshop programme to explain the Elytra Filament Pavilion to children and their family.  The pavilion was created by architects and engineers inspired by the shells of beetles to create environmentally relevant structures that respond to thermal imaging to determine how structures should be developed. We worked with Poppers to bring the robotic principles to life in an informative way for children.

Big thanks to our artists Jutsu, Samantha Haynes, Mechanikool and DJ Biznizz for such an incredible week. We worked with 5,500 children and their families in a heavenly week of fun, music and engineering.

Thanks to Connor Wan for the film and thanks to the V&A for having us, more please!

Sofa Sessions
Sofa Sessions is for independent creatives who want to excel in their chosen career. It will give you the tips and tools that are helping others carve a successful career in the arts. All methods are tried and tested by independent arts professionals. We know it works because we do it too!

2016 was great because we were invited to deliver sessions using our Sofa Sessions principles and knowledge – Big up Breakin’ Convention Back to the Lab, Artists for Artists, Matthew Bourne’s ReBourne for inviting us to speak and share, and to East London Dance for inviting us to create Idea to Reality masterclass series. So fantastic to connect with so many artists. Inspiring.

Running since January 2013 we are back for 2017.Join us this coming Saturday 21 January for Sofa Sessions: Smash your 2017 Goals

Alternative Vibes
We were delighted to return to Tunisia in July to build the work we started with Art Solution run by Chouaib Brick and Sana Jalsi, and the British Council Tunisia with Imed Belkhodja.

We took our female artists Vicki ‘Skytilz’ Mantey, Sheila Attah and Carleen de Sozer who led a week of popping, house and graffiti masterclasses in Sousse and Tunis ending with Mafia Wallitili Battle, a community graffiti jam and dance battle. We led a Creative Business day in the style of Sofa Sessions working with artists from fashion, dance, music and graffiti building strategy and growth within the community.

2017 will be the development of the project and an opportunity for continued growth and collaboration for us all.

The Bridge
Our favourite day of the year is The Bridge – literally a 10 hour dose of peace, love and unity. Bringing people together through music, dance and art is part of our calling and no better way to end our 2016 highlights than with this.

We need your support to continue to run this event so tweet, Facebook or email us your support. Share this video and lets do this again in 2017 and celebrate five years of The Bridge.

Thanks to Dave Flave for this epic record of the jam

Signing off with a photo of how The Bridge makes me feel – super happy!

Thanks to our artists: MCs TY and Breis, DJs DJ3D, DJ 279, Big Ted, Hanson Family and Kofi M, Dancers Mechanikool, B Boy Lil Tim & B Girl Sun Sun, Kendra J Horsburg & Sheila Attah, Jutsu & Sam, graffiti artists Dreph, Carleen De Sozer and Zia, with special guest PA from Rose Windross.

Photography by Richie Boyce and film by Dave Flave.

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