• What's up! As February comes to a close we want to let you in to what's been going on in our world. For the past two years, founder and director Kate Scanlan has worked for Battersea Power Station as Senior..
  • Post on 24 May 2017
    Category : Artist Development
    Creativity is essentially very individual so why wouldn’t you trust it? This might be interesting only to me because of my current perspective, but the more conversations I have with creative people the more..
  • Post on 20 February 2017
    Category : Artist Development
    This months’ Sofa Session focused on building your tribe for success. What did I actually mean by this? To us, your tribe is the people who love and respect what you do. Now this might be close friends an..
  • Post on 22 January 2017
    Category : Artist Development
    Sofa Sessions bounced into 2017 with an aptly titled session; Smash Your 2017 Goals. We believe that without a clear big picture vision (no matter how far off that is) and then some realist..
  • Post on 16 January 2017
    Category : General
    We always start the year with a look over our shoulder at the year that has just come to a close. 2016 was a tough one for most people, a year with big challenges and hardship. For Scanner’s Inc it was a yea..
  • Post on 2 January 2017
    Category : Artist Development, General
    Happy New Year! 2016 was interesting for both positive and negative reasons. Personally it was a year of tough lessons and some lovely blessings. As I have done in the last few years I’m taking the first ..